06 August 2014

is it worth it? let me work it

i have been trying to revamp my work wardrobe, or rather my interest in my work wardrobe, of late. i tend to regress into easy/simple/boring work dressing mostly because i find it creatively restrictive and also because i can't be bothered. i have even stopped wearing makeup to work the last few weeks because of my lack of motivation/interest. i detest having to spend money on work clothes and i am resentful for having to invest my hard earned money right back into work again. i refuse to buy an expensive pair of black pants that i will most likely wear everyday at work, but i am more than happy to spend it on a pair of heels that i will wear maybe a few times a year. i think it's the mentality of it being used solely for work purposes that puts me off. isn't enough of my life (and wardrobe) about work as it is?
as a lawyer it's even more difficult to dress as the standards are quite conservative and formal and often require women to wear suits. i hate suits (unless it's a cute shorts suit of course). as always, i like to push the boundaries of what might be acceptable at work. last week i wore a tshirt with some wide-leg trousers and a blazer. i think it was passable...

so lately i have been challenging myself to approach the workplace with a bit more enthusiasm and a better attitude. i think if you care even just a little bit more about how you present yourself at work it might just make your day that bit more enjoyable. confidence in how you look will definitely boost your confidence at work - 'fake it til you make it' right? don't just wear a white shirt and black pants because it's easy, think about how you can make it more individual, more you.

i have decided my work wardrobe will be based on these new rules:
1. priority: comfort
i absolutely despise tight work clothes. i don't know how girls spend a whole day in a tight power dress. U N C O M F O R T A B L E. for me, it's either one or the other - tight skirt, loose top; tight top, loose pants; vice versa. if i had it my way it would be loose-loose all the time (and it mostly is). if i am sitting in an office for at least 8 hours a day, i am definitely going to prioritise comfort over anything else.
2. put a blazer on it

works every time. have a dress that is a bit on the casual side? put a blazer on it. want to wear a tee to work? put a blazer on it. you can get away with just about anything in the corporate world by adding a blazer.
3. take a different approach

wear a coat as a dress, wear a cropped tee over a white shirt, wear a long tailored vest over a shirt and pants, wear a men's sweater with a feminine skirt, wear a lace skirt with a white shirt, wear a shirt over a shirt, dress a little masculine.
4. classics with a twist

don't just settle for the classics. push the boundaries and create a bit of interest. instead of your classic white shirt try one with longer tails, wear a midi skirt or go for an oversized boxy tee. it doesn't have to be obvious; the subtle nuances will make all the difference. i think cos have a great take on classics with a twist.
5. a little lippy goes a long way

i tend to wear black, navy, grey and white 99% of the time. whilst it does make it easier to coordinate my wardrobe, it can be a bit same same. without having to inject too much colour into my work wardrobe, sometimes it's easier to rely on accessories or makeup to do the job. a bright lipstick can add a whole new dimension to a boring work outfit.

6. comfortable shoes

so, so, so important! whilst this could be categorised under point 1 above, i think it needs its own category to stress how essential it is. comfortable shoes does not mean they have to be ugly or flat, just good quality and durable. i prefer to wear heels at work, mostly because i'm a shorty, but they also make me feel more powerful (which i think is important for female lawyers!). i walk to work in flats and have a couple of pairs of heels under my desk at work because, truth be told, who wants to/can walk around all day in a pair of heels?!

my favourite work heels are my rupert sanderson patsys - had them for 2.5 years so far and still going strong!

7. colour your world

this is a new challenge i'm setting myself. i need to inject more colour into my wardrobe. i'm thinking oxblood and pinks. let's not go too crazy! i love the mix of oxblood, blue and pink (as per the picture above).

8. transitional

you don't have to buy clothes that are used exclusively for work. try investing in pieces that can transition from your work wardrobe to something you can wear on the weekend. this will also help you to appreciate and actually like your work wardrobe more.

maybe i will put my words into practice and post some of my work outfits here. what is your take on workwear?

images via pinterest


  1. I'm a student and don't work yet, but actually I love work wordrobe with a twist. White shirts, blazers, even suits. Like you said, they can make surprisingly feminine ensembles when paired with feminine elements, like bright lipstick, cool heels or clutch. Really enjoyed reading your post! :)

    1. you'll find that you don't actually have to spend that much to get a great work wardrobe! thanks for your comment :)

  2. Absolutely love those looks. Super classy and chic.

    1. now if only i can translate all these looks into my work wardrobe...

  3. These inspirational pics are fab!

  4. amazing inspiration specially to go to work with. I just stumbled upon your blog! And wow it is amazing, definitely one which is great for inspiration. I love this post specially the great vivid pictures! I would love for you to check out my blog, which by just scrolling through your page, I know you will love!! Keep up the good work

    1. thank you gogui. i will definitely check out your blog :)

  5. I definitely need to revamp my work wardrobe as well. I like all these classic pieces. You really can't go wrong with black trousers and a white blouse. So chic.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

    1. definitely! but i also think there is a way to make it your own without stepping too far away from the classic look. thanks for your comment!

  6. Absolutely agree with everything! Basic, versatile, monochromatic pieces are my fave. xx



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