30 September 2014

double or nothing

shirts: cos, asos boxy shirt | blazer: allsaints | pants: jac + jack | heels: whistles

here's another challenge for pushing the boundaries of workwear: experiment with different lengths.
i recently added this long cos shirt to my repertoire, which doubles as a top and a dress (for someone short like me). a white shirt dress has been on my list for a few months now, so pretty happy to be able to tick it off with something relatively affordable (had my eye on this acne one).
some things to try: layer shirt on shirt. i layered with my asos short sleeved boxy shirt. wear it done up or undone to create a really interesting layered effect (now that i look back on this, i kind of look like a barrister...). the double collar looks awesome, in my opinion.
put a blazer on it. the unexpected longer length of the shirt peeking out below the hem of the blazer creates quite a feminine and lengthening effect.

add a cropped sweater. the differing lengths of the sweater, the long shirt and the blazer will display your layering prowess to the max.

*note my hair is not blonde again. these were taken a week or so ago.

29 September 2014

oh, mama


oh my gosh! look at these! they. are. amazing!
i really do not need another pair of black ankle boots, but that doesn't mean you don't. please, someone get these and then i can live vicariously.
those knee highs are really calling my name. maybe i will wait until they are... 70% off...
i am salivating right now.

26 September 2014


these 2 items have fast become staples in my wardrobe. the trench has been perfect for the current trans-seasonal weather and i have pretty much worn it everyday for the last 2 months. the clutch is the perfect size, fitting everything i need without being too cumbersome. plus, the colour makes me rather happy.
happy weekend!

24 September 2014

my mood

warm sweaters, grey hair, work wear and stockholm.
images via pinterest

23 September 2014

20 things

dress: gillian tennant | watch: vintage cartier (dad's)

so this is my new hair. i wanted a dark chocolate, but i think the colour is more like when a white girl tries to dye her hair black. white girl black hair... i miss being blonde.

on another tangent, tash (@beachsidemama) tagged me on instagram to share 20 things about myself. i thought maybe it would be information overload on instagram, so decided to share here instead.
1. i was born in malaysia.
2. i drive a VW GTI and i think it's the best car ever.
3. i squeal every time i see a french or english bulldog.
4. i love singing. if i could do just that for the rest of my life, i would be very happy.
5. i am a lawyer and let's just say it's a bit of a love-hate relationship. more hate.
6. one of my favourite movies is aladdin. it may or may not be because of princess jasmine.
7. i play the piano.
8. i love reading. mainly fiction. my top books would have to be: the obernewtyn series, gone with the wind, wuthering heights, the book thief, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the picture of dorian gray, the bell jar.
9. my favourite flower is the rose.
10. the one thing i like most about my body is my lips.
11. i feel very strongly about the use of abbreviations when speaking.
12. i love dancing to hip hop, especially if it's from the 90s.
13. if i could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be teochew porridge.
14. summer is my favourite season.
15. i have a girl crush on jennifer lawrence.
16. my favourite holiday destinations so far have been new zealand, japan, margaret river, turkey, thailand and new york.
17. i find the thought of motherhood completely petrifying.
18. my drinks of choice are coffee, gin & tonic and red wine.
19. before i go to sleep at night, all the cupboards and drawers in the room have to be closed properly (ocd much?).
20. my faith is everything.

20 September 2014

last goodbye

sunglasses: le specs ziggy (on sale!) | dress: secret south

 today i said goodbye to my blonde locks. it's been 5 fun months of being as close to looking like barbie as i could, but my hair is dying (dyeing, ha). it's been breaking about 1/3 down the strand, which i suspect is the point at which the initial bleaching began. i now have tufts of hair sticking out here and there! i finally bit the bullet after my husband told me it was time. i was in denial for a while and thought i could get away with reverse top deck, but alas i don't think i'm cool enough to pull that off.

my last thoughts:

1. being blonde means less makeup. going all out on the eyeshadow really did not work for me, whereas with black hair it was never a problem. red lips also looked really different and i found i had to wear simple clothing to offset all the colour. maybe i felt there was too much going on around my face or that the hair highlighted the makeup.

2. people stared more. i noticed this a little, but my husband said he noticed it a lot. i think people were more bewildered by the odd combination of asian blonde than stunned by my beauty (i wish).

3. it made colours pop. pinks and blues worked wonders with the blonde.

4. being a blonde is hard work! i had to get my roots done every 4-5 weeks, each session lasting approximately 3 hours and costing around £100 or so. i washed my hair only twice a week, each time washing with a colour shampoo, a violet shampoo (leaving in for 3-5 minutes) and a treatment (also leaving in for 3-5 minutes). after towel drying my hair, i would then rub through some leave-in conditioner.

5. i'll be back. i miss the blonde already and it's only been 9 hours. my husband keeps gunning for grey, so we will see once my hair makes a recovery.

19 September 2014

the chelsea boot


 i'm calling it. the chelsea is the boot of the season.

everywhere i go in london, there is sure to be someone wearing a version of the chelsea boot. they are the classic boot - go with everything, understated and easy to pull on and off.

i absolutely love these ones by church's which may already be on my wishlist...

18 September 2014

bonjour paris

our weekend in paris was so much fun. we met up with some good friends from perth as well as our parisian friends who took us around. paris through a parisian's eyes is 10 times better.
we stayed in the marais, which is by far my favourite area in paris and boasts such cute cafes and shops. the weather was absolutely perfect bar the final day, which "forced" us into the shopping centres for some "shelter" and incidental retail therapy.
we did lots of things i had never done before in paris:
we explored late-night montmatre, we saw the sacre coeur, we strolled through the luxembourg gardens, we rode bikes to dinner (and i may or may not have fallen on a truck) and we partied late into the night with hip parisians at an outdoor bar.
see you in january, paris!

16 September 2014


shirt: cos | jacket: nom*d | skirt: nom*d | boots: acne star | clutch: givenchy antigona pouch | sunglasses: karen walker

i wore this to brunch yesterday at the providores and tapa room. pretty posh. food was good, but not great. also, they charged us a cover charge and a service charge - what's with that?! (rest assured i left a few of my thoughts regarding that on tripadvisor)

anyway, i was pretty proud of myself for making it out and almost lasting the whole of brunch while sick with cold and feeling a bit cloudy in the head. might as well try and make the most of the "warm" weather in london while i can.

15 September 2014


these are the only souvenirs i got from greece. the magnet is to add to our little collection of magnets from each country we visit, the red rotating ring is from milos and the last ring is from athens, the disc of phaistos.
i was tempted to purchase some greek sandals, but as my tootsies probably won't see the light of day until next june (ah, london), i figured probably not.

13 September 2014


tank: zara | shorts: karen walker | sunglasses: le specs ziggy | shoes: birkenstock madrid
i am currently sick in bed. boo. but still intending to attend proms in the park later this evening to watch earth, wind & fire, which have been on my top 5 artists to see live. can't wait! 

anyway, here are some photos of sunnier times exploring plaka, milos. my friend and i had such a great day - we hired a car (and drove on the wrong side of the car and the road!) and beach-hopped all day. such a fun, relaxed, amazingly beautiful island. hardly any tourists and so quiet. one of the best beach destinations i have been to.

11 September 2014

we're all going on a summer holiday...

sunglasses: le specs ziggy | kindle | camera: fuji x10 | pouch: comme des garcons
my must have items on a holiday:
cheapo sunnies that can be tossed in the beach bag or the luggage without having to worry too much about scratching or breaking.
the kindle is an essential, not just for holidays, but everyday. i use it for my commutes to and from work, at the gym, eating lunch at my desk, pre-bedtime reading and whenever i have to wait longer than 5 minutes. it is so light and compact, i really don't know how i would survive without it. definitely one of the best presents i have received.
i have recently fallen in love with my camera all over again. i think it's almost 3 years old now and i still am yet to utilise all it's functions. it is so light and easy to carry around, making it perfect for holidays. although the photos aren't as nice as a DSLR, the ease of use and portability really make it perfect. plus it looks pretty hip too. i have been relying on my iphone camera way too much, which really is no comparison to a real camera.
the pouch is a new addition and my only souvenir from paris. so easy to use and actually holds quite a lot. and a bright colour always makes you happier, especially when you're on holiday.

09 September 2014

no parking please

tee: zara | jeans: allsaints petrel brodie | jacket: nom*d | shoes: costume national | clutch: vintage louis vuitton (mum's)

lately i have found myself pushing the boundaries between feminine and masculine, particularly with workwear. it might not be appealing to everyone, but i find myself caring less and less about what everyone else likes and sticking with what makes me happy (and comfortable).

without going all out with menswear, there are ways i make it work for me by keeping it "pretty". instead of boyfriend jeans or loose pants, black skinnies offset the looseness of the rest of the outfit. lace up shoes with a point can also add that feminine touch to otherwise boyish shoes. accessories can also be a key player - a dainty necklace or a classic clutch. and having a few waves through the hair always brings that feminine touch, no matter what you're wearing.

08 September 2014

well booted

boots for winter
from top left: isabel marant cleane | acne pistol in coffee | acne star | isabel marant scarlet in navy
summer is almost over in london - boo. the cold has set in and you can't leave the house without at least a sweater or light jacket/coat.
this change in the weather has had me considering my wardrobe for winter and, in particular, what shoes will serve me best. i think i'm pretty much set on the boots front with the above 4, however having never experienced a london winter i'm not sure i know what i'm in for. i think that i may need a flat boot at some stage, considering the amount of walking we do here, but let's see how long i can last.
on a side note, although all of the above boots seem rather fancy, i managed to procure them all through various means and avoided paying anywhere close to full price. the cleane's were a score on ebay after trawling the internet for about 2 years; the pistols were also an awesome ebay (brand new!) find where i made a ridiculously low offer to the seller and which she surprisingly accepted; the stars were a generous birthday gift from my parents; and the scarlets were an 80% off find on forward! i am quite the savvy shopper after all.

03 September 2014

back to it

i returned from greece late last night, haven't unpacked my bag, am at work, forgotten the password to my computer, locked my desk and lost the key, all the while willing the shy british sun to come out. i think it's going to be a long day... although looking through my iphone pictures from my days in greece are making me pretty happy.
so here are just a few of the hundreds of photos from my week-long holiday. there will definitely be more to come plus a run-down on the adventure that was greece.
for now, just trying to get through the first day back!