02 October 2014

lust list IV

winter wishlist


 an update on my lust list for winter. i think my list is quite conservative this time, considering that all i plan to be wearing the entire winter is jeans/pants, sweaters, coats and boots. not all the items are out of my price range either and with my birthday and christmas coming up, i think the list is quite achievable!

1. black fur jacket
this has been on my list previously and has been reignited with the incoming cold weather and the most recent collaboration between altuzzara and target. my only hesitation is the fake, cheap material (because sweat) and my husband has said i might look "a bit scary". the jury is still out on this one...

2. beanie
i think i actually need one for winter. loving wool and the gang's zion lion and so tempted to get the beastly boys beanie.

3. culottes
i want a more structured culotte, like maybe this one from whistles. you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a pair that is black, structured and affordable (suggestions welcome).

4. sweaters
i have slowly been stocking up on sweaters in preparation for the upcoming london winter. i detest the cold! the cashmere and merino wool selection at uniqlo is pretty awesome, but i've actually been delving in the men's selection.

5. white shirt dress
classic, work, play, any season. i love this one by acne, but i went with this one by cos as it was a little more in my price range.

6. christmas jumper
i'm hoping this christmas will be a white one, but even if it's not i will be embracing a cold christmas with all the enthusiasm i can muster. of course, that means a cheesy, novelty christmas jumper is a must. i intend to buy everyone in my family one as well.
7. black ballet flats
can you believe i don't own a pair? i have finally decided i will get the porselli ballet flats, as i have read so many reviews and comments about how amazing they are.

8. long grey cardigan
also very practical for the upcoming winter season. i love this one by acne.
10. flat boots
i have my heart set on getting some chelsea boots and have fallen heavily for these ones by church's. saint laurent's version are pretty incredible, but unfortunately almost double the price. maybe i can wrangle my husband to buy me an early birthday gift...

what's on your list for the coming season?


  1. Great options. I really love the fur jacket =). Visit my blog for a chance to win Chopard Sunglasses ($500.00 Value).

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    1. love a fur jacket! just wish it wasn't polyester...

  2. I can't wait to start wearing more sweaters now that it's Fall! And I'm loving that long gray cardigan you chose <3

    - MeYouAndHayleyLarue.com

    1. i have been stocking up on sweaters! can't wait to bust them out!

  3. cool wishlist :)



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