30 October 2014

for the longest time

i have been looking for a really good pair of black ballet flats for the longest time. i tried my hand (foot?) at country road and ended up with blisters on my ankles. i tried repetto and ended up selling them as fast as i could.

my love for ballet flats will always lie with the chloe laurens, but since i don't have a spare $500 lying around, these porselli flats are pretty much the next best thing. i wore them for a brief outing yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by their comfort and sturdiness. let's see how this relationship progresses.

27 October 2014


stockholm was amazing! understated, exceptionally cool, innovative, tasty, pretty, tall and blonde. 

some special moments: discovering out hotel's homemade breakfast spread (we're talking lemon curd, fresh bread, muesli, berry compote), walking into the building where stockholm syndrome originated, stumbling across choir practice in the church on gamla stan and watching silk in the comfort of our hotel room.

23 October 2014


jacket: acne | scarf: acne canada | jeans: allsaints | glasses: bonlook | shoes: porselli | clutch: antik batik

i am now unemployed.

the nature of my job here means that if there is no more work, i go home. no warning, no notice. it is what it is. 

yesterday i had a lie-in, had coffee with another newly unemployed friend, drank some wine with a recently unemployed friend and tried not to overthink it too much. it was quite a nice day, really.

today i woke up early, sat down and pumped some applications out. and now i'm bored. unemployment sucks.

20 October 2014

16 October 2014

what i wore

tshirt: bassike | leather leggings: winston wolfe | coat: vintage dries van noten (mum's) | shoes: nike air max 1 | sunnies: le specs ziggy
this is pretty representative of what i wore the whole weekend in stockholm. the coat definitely saved me from the cold - it's so awesomely oversized and cuddly. my poor mum may never get this back.
the bassike tee and the leather leggings are some of my favourite items to travel with as they don't crease and are so comfortable to wear. something different from your usual jeans and plain tee.
and yes, we did some naughty shopping at acne. there's an acne archive store in stockholm (reduced past collections and samples) and i went a little nuts, but surprisingly only walked away with 1 item. how's that for self-control? my dear husband, on the other hand, fell in love with just about every item in the acne store and almost committed to buying every item too!