23 October 2014


jacket: acne | scarf: acne canada | jeans: allsaints | glasses: bonlook | shoes: porselli | clutch: antik batik

i am now unemployed.

the nature of my job here means that if there is no more work, i go home. no warning, no notice. it is what it is. 

yesterday i had a lie-in, had coffee with another newly unemployed friend, drank some wine with a recently unemployed friend and tried not to overthink it too much. it was quite a nice day, really.

today i woke up early, sat down and pumped some applications out. and now i'm bored. unemployment sucks.


  1. Sorry to hear about the job situation - unemployment sucks when you can't mentally prepare yourself for it.
    I'm sure you will be fine after the initial shock of it. Take time for yourself and then throw yourself into applications.

    Good luck!!

  2. Girl you look amazing! Love you style! And everything gonna be alright! :)


  3. I hope you get a job soon and i love your outfit <3

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  4. It really sucks! Hope you find something soon.
    On the bright side, you look great!!

    NEW post!

    - Eva


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