06 February 2015

Oh, Stan

We need to talk about Stan Smiths.

I was recently in Paris and everyone was wearing them.  I mean, everyone.  How is it that beautiful French women can make anything look cool, even shoes that my husband wore 10 years ago?

They are all I can think about.  And I want to wear them with everything.  I tried them on the other day and they are so comfortable.  
I think I need them in my life... Right...?  
You can never have enough white sneakers... Right...?


  1. You can definitely never have enough white sneakers. Although, I'm pretty clumsy that I'll probably get them stained which explains why I always gravitate towards black or gray sneakers. Wish I can wear white sneakers though! These look so good!

    1. Haha thanks for the encouragement. My white shoes never stay white for long, but I think it's kinda nice to rough them up a bit. Baby wipes help!


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