01 April 2015

Guten tag!

The weather here has been pretty crappy.  Lots of rain, even torrential at times.  Today it alternated between sun and blue skies, to dark grey and snow!  What the heck?!

So far we have made our way from Cologne, through Heidelberg, to the Black Forest, to Munich, Stuttgart and Aalen, and we are currently in Regensburg.  Despite the weather, we have had an amazing time so far.  The towns are so pretty and candy-coloured.  The beer is excellent, and I'm not even a beer drinker!  The driving is fast and totally safe.  There are a lot of nice German cars here.

We've managed to meet up with a lot of friends along the way.  Turns out that I know lots of people living in Germany!  I think it always makes such a difference in a new country when you know locals #localknowledge.

Apologies for the boring post.  I just wanted an excuse to post pictures of the pretty buildings in Heidelberg.

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