06 April 2015

Snow, rain, gust, hail, shine

Coat: Maje | Jeans: Acne Skin 5 | Boots: Acne Pistol | Bag: Louis Vuitton (mum's)

The weather has been mental in Germany.  Combinations of gale force wind, snow, hail, sunshine, rain and sleet.  It was snowing in Munich when this photo was taken.  We then went to see some Germans surfing in the Eisbach river.  Insane!

My travel clothes are actually quite simple.  Because it's cold everything gets covered up by a jacket or coat anyway, I basically just pack black and grey tshirts and jeans.  Then I hit it home with an awesome outer layer.  I'll never get sick of this Maje coat, even if it moults everywhere.  

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